Ahsan Nabi Khan
October 20, 2015

Profile Info:

Ahsan Nabi Khan is a Magna cum Laude scholarship-holder from FAST-NU pursuing Masters from UET, Lahore. In experience, Mr. Khan has continued research and instructorship in FAST-NU and UET, producing several internationally acclaimed publications in IEEE conferences and journals. Proceeding with industry experience at Teradata Pakistan, Mr. Khan recently joined Data Science Lab at ITU. His interests are Data Science, Text Mining and Visualization.

Project: Lexical Variation in Roman Urdu

A less researched area in Urdu, natural language processing of Roman Urdu has wide applications for digital users in South Asia and potentially more languages utilizing the English alphabets. Using an improved linear combination of LCS and Soundex, we develop two new algorithms for clustering word variations within the Urdu language context. The performance gains over both LCS and Soundex.