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Abdul Rafae

Research Associate

Abdul Rafae Khan received his Master’s degree from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan in 2015. Afterwards, he joined Geographic Information System Technology Innovation Centre (GISTIC), Saudi Arabia, as a research assistant. Abdul Rafae joined Information Technology University (ITU), Pakistan in 2016 and is currently working as a research associate in Data Science Lab (DSL).
Abdul Rafae’s current research is in the field of Computational Linguistics. The project focuses on Urdu and Roman Urdu languages, which are commonly used in social media and mobile messages. The research done in Roman Urdu, which is spoken throughout Sub-continent, has unfortunately seen very limited progress. His initial research has been published in EMNLP 2015.
At GISTIC Abdul Rafae worked in developing a system to monitor vehicle and crowd movement. His research focused on how Wifi & Bluetooth can be used for traffic sensing and how useful information regarding the current traffic scenario can be extracted to better understand the crowd behavior. In the initial phase, the system was deployed over the Umm Al-Qura University campus in Mecca which gave a real-time information on features including traffic congestion and mobility patterns.

If you want to be a part of the D-Lab course, by helping the students in their research, brainstorm with them, by arranging or inviting them on a fieldtrip, or be a part of the IPAL projects by working on the hardware/software components of the projects, please write to us


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