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Sameen Mansha

Research Associate

Sameen Mansha has done MS in Computer System Engineering from GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Pakistan. Her professional experience starts with Graduate assistant-ship at GIKI. Before joining ITU, she has been teaching at University of Central Punjab and University of Lahore as a Lecturer. She has six conference publications in the area of Social Networks, Influence Maximization, Text Mining, Federated Databases and Evolutionary Algorithms in well reputed conferences. Her research interests include Machine learning and Graph Theory.


1. Sameen Mansha, Zaheer Babar, Faisal Kamiran and Asim Karim, Neural Network Based Association Rule Mining from Uncertain Data, 23rd International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP) 2016, Japan. [Core Flag ’A’]

2. Sameen Mansha, Faisal Kamiran, Asim Karim and Aizaz Anwar, A Self-Organizing Map for Identifying Influential Communities in Speech-based Networks, ACM CIKM 2016, USA. [Core Flag ’A’].

3. Aizaz Anwar, Sameen Mansha, Faisal Kamiran and Asim Karim, Identification of Influential Users in Speech Based Networks, PACIS 2016, Taiwan. [Core Flag ’A’].

4. Sameen Mansha and Faisal Kamiran, Multi-Query Optimization in Federated Databases Using Evolutionary Algorithm, IEEE ICMLA 2015, USA. [hindex=17]

5. S. U. Ansari and Sameen Mansha. Simulation-Based Hardness Evaluation of a MultiObjective Genetic Algorithm. In Proceedings of International Conference on Modeling and Simulation. (ICOMS),pp. 201-204, 25-27, 2013, Pakistan.

6. Ali Daud, Aisha Sikandar and Sameen Mansha, Finding Survey Papers Via Link and Content Analysis, In Proceedings of International Multi Topic Conference,2013, Pakistan. (Acceptance Rate: 22.22 %)

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